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Gantz Law Firm, LLC

Gantz Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to providing individuals and businesses with professional legal advice.

Chesterfield, Missouri: Family Law and Personal Injury Lawyer

Since 1995, attorney Gregory M. Gantz has skillfully guided individual and business clients in St. Louis, Missouri, through a wide variety of legal matters. At Gantz Law Firm, LLC, we provide confident and aggressive legal representation in family law and divorce cases, estate planning matters, personal injury lawsuits, business planning, and litigation.
If you have any legal questions, we invite you to contact the Gantz Law Firm today for a free, confidential consultation.

Our Practice Areas

Family Law

Ensure your voice is heard with a legal professional on your side. Gantz Law Firm, LLC provide experienced legal representation in all areas of family law, including divorce, child custody, and more.


Protect your rights and interests with Gantz Law Firm. We have years of experience helping individuals successfully get through the divorce process with good results.

Estate Planning

Secure your family’s future with Gantz Law Firm’s comprehensive estate planning services. We’ll help you protect your assets and prepare the legal documents you’ll need.

Personal Injury

Were you recently involved in an accident and need help getting medical bills paid and negotiating with insurance companies? Let Gantz Law Firm fight for your rights and ensure you’re rightfully compensated for your pain and suffering. ​

Worker’s Comp

Have you been injured at work and need assistance filing for workers’ compensation? Leave it to Gantz Law Firm to ensure you’re fairly compensated.

Business Law

Gantz Law Firm is committed to helping small to medium-sized businesses deal with corporate formation issues. We’ll also help you draft the contracts and legal documents needed to protect your business.

We deliver accomplished and aggressive conflict resolution.

At the Gantz Law Firm, we take pride in using our legal skills to find the most effective and cost-efficient resolutions to our clients’ problems. We believe that empathetic and efficient negotiation can often settle a legal dispute with minimum loss of our clients’ valuable money and time. However, we also know that some conflicts cannot be settled amicably. In such cases, attorney Gantz’s strong litigation talents benefit his clients and increase the likelihood of a satisfactory result.
If you are involved in a legal conflict, such as a divorce or personal injury case, please contact the Gantz Law Firm today for a free, confidential consultation.

We Offer Intelligent and Prudent Planning
for Individuals and Businesses

In addition to using his courtroom skills when necessary, attorney Gregory M. Gantz emphasizes the counseling aspect of being a competent attorney.
Gantz Law Firm, LLC has built a successful practice advising individual clients on estate planning matters, counseling businesses on business formation, and writing and reviewing contracts on behalf of his business clients.

Ready to Contact a Skilled, Results-Oriented Chesterfield, Missouri Attorney?

The Gantz Law Firm does its best to make our clients’ experience with us as convenient and hassle-free as possible. We maintain regular office hours from Monday to Friday and can make evening and weekend appointments upon request.
We offer all clients a free initial consultation, which can take place at our Chesterfield offices or a mutually convenient location in St. Louis County.

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