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Chesterfield, Missouri: Family Law, Estate Planning and Litigation Attorney

Gantz Law Firm, LLC, located in Chesterfield, Missouri, offers confident and competent legal representation to individual and business clients in a wide variety of legal matters. For answers to your legal questions, we invite you to contact our offices for a confidential and free appointment with an experienced lawyer who has practiced law in the St. Louis area since 1995.

Forceful, Strategic Family Law Attorney

Our family law and divorce practice is centered around a candid approach. We tell our divorce clients what they are likely to get out of the divorce based on what the law says is possible, and then we encourage our clients to try reaching a settlement agreement with the other spouse – so that the couple can decide matters like child custody, child support and spousal maintenance for themselves, rather than having a judge decide for them.

Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Estate Planning Service

Protect your assets by developing an estate plan. Whether you need a simple will or a complex estate plan to ensure the distribution of a sizeable estate, Gantz Law Firm, LLC will guide you through the entire estate planning process from start to finish. We also make sure your estate plan protects your own future, by writing documents like living wills, durable powers of attorney and advance health care directives.

Professional, Perceptive Business Law Attorney

Gantz Law Firm, LLC frequently assists small and medium-sized businesses with corporate formation issues. We also write and review a wide variety of business contracts, including employment contracts, service contracts, distributor contracts and franchise contracts. When one of our business clients gets involved in a contract dispute, we use our well-developed litigation skills to create a reasonable resolution. For answers to some general questions about the litigation process, please consult our Litigation Information Center.

Aggressive, Dedicated Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident or assault, you should consult an experienced personal injury attorney before accepting any settlement. Along with a team of medical and financial experts, Gantz Law Firm, LLC can calculate a fair settlement amount and then advocate vigorously to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation Applications and Appeals

As part of our personal injury practice, we help clients who were injured on the job file workers’ compensation claims, and we are also available to assist with appeals when workers’ compensation benefits are denied or terminated.

Representation at Administrative Hearing

Attorney Gregory M. Gantz represents clients in a variety of administrative hearings, including:

  • Discrimination complaints before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • Child support collection efforts before the Division of Child Support Enforcement
  • Complaints about failure to hire before the Missouri Gaming Commission

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