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Gantz Law Firm, LLC provides representation to families going through a divorce. Let us fight for your rights and ensure you get fair results.

What You Need to Know
About Child Custody

During the divorce process, couples and their attorneys must reach an agreement on how to split their assets and debts. They also have discussions on who receives custody of their children, meaning they will have the legal power to make decisions on behalf of the child’s welfare.
The decision of which parent gets custody of their child is usually left up to the judge, who will decide based on the best interests of the child. If you have a child and are looking to get custody, reach out to Gantz Law Firm, LLC. Having dealt with many divorce cases, we have the ability to successfully represent you and your child.

Why Choose Gantz Law Firm, LLC

At Gantz Law Firm, LLC, we represent mothers and fathers seeking custody of their children. We understand that this decision could have an immediate and significant impact on your relationship with your child.
Our aim is to protect your future and your relationship with your child. If you’re in need of a reliable legal counsel, you can count on Gantz Law Firm, LLC to help. We’re here to protect your interests and your rights.
Reach out to us to book a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you.

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